Electrical Components

  • S-Tek, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of standard & custom displays & magnetic components. Types include character, graphic, color, PLED, OLED & glass displays. Products als

  • Wirebenders Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer Of Custom Toroids, Coils & Transformers For Military, Avionics, Medical, & Commercial Markets. Rejects Measured In A Few Parts Per Bill

  • URD America, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer Of Sensors & Transformers For The O.E.M. & Electronic Industries. Types Include: Hall Effect Sensors, Current Sensors, Toroidal Transfo

  • Coilcraft CPS

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of magnetic components for automotive, telecom, aerospace, military, and medical industries. Products include chip/power inductors, fil

  • Polara Engineering

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer Of Electronic Components

  • France/Scott Fetzer Company

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of neon transformers, ballasts & ignition transformers.

  • Yamtech Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetContract manufacturing & PCB outsourcing, electronic & electromechanical assemblies, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, product mgmt. & test

  • A-Tech, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetDistributor of electirc and heating instruments. Products include cables, swtiches, breakers, controls, lights, realys, sensors, and safety equipmen

  • Jackson Transformer Company

    Company Description by ThomasNetMagnetic Products: D C Chokes, Filter Chokes, Reactors, Transformers-V.I.T., V.R.T. Convection, Current, Forced Air, Furnace, Heating, Induction, Re

  • Elscott Manufacturing, LLC

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturer of electronic components and devices for defense, aerospace, and commercial sectors. Products include pulse and gate drive trans

  • Communication Associates, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer, Custom & Standard Transformers. High Frequency, Linear (Single Phase Up To 10KW, Three-Phase Up To 35KW), Ferroresonant Up To 5KVA. To

  • I E C Ltd.

    Company Description by ThomasNetDistributor Of Electrical Supplies

  • AC Transformer Corp.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of custom transformers, mil. specs. Engineered to order service

  • Motion Dynamics Corp.

    Company Description by ThomasNetISO 9001:2008 certified & ITAR registered manufacturer of standard & custom high precision wire components & products including springs, wire forms,

  • Coilcraft, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of standard and custom inductive components. Products include inductors, transformers, chokes, filters, current sensors and coils. Surf

  • Hurricane Electronics Lab.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of magnetics for military, consumer, switching power supply and industrial applications. Products include slug, air and filter inductor

  • Baylor Technologies, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetBrakes, A.C. Synchronous Generators, Motor-Generator Sets

  • Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetDesign, installation and maintenance of distributed antenna systems and security systems. Products include control systems, building automation, ene

  • PolyPhaser, Transtector, Dowin, LEA, RO Associates

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of communication systems protectors. Products include RF lightning protectors, data line protectors, DC protectors, AC protectors and g

  • Thermtrol

    Company Description by ThomasNetISO certified custom manufacturer of thermal protectors & controls. Thermal protector products include one-shot thermal cutoffs, self-hold 7AM motor

  • Classic Connectors USA, LLC

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of electrical utility safety products for power transmission and distribution applications. Selection includes connector correctors.

  • Hyper Tech Research, Inc

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer Offering Superconductor Wire & Tube Forming & Filling Services.

  • P3 Gnerator Services

    Company Description by ThomasNetService company providing generator rebuilding and refurbishing services.

  • Transmax Technologies LLC

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of a range of packaging and processing machines used primarily for processing. Products include Food Processing Machines, Packaging Mac

  • AISCO Industrial Couplings, LLC

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of universal joints for industrial, off-highway, and transportation applications. Custom designed universal joints and shaft connection

  • Powerstream

    Company Description by ThomasNetBattery Chargers, DC/DC Converters, Power Supplies, Inverters, Batteries, Battery Packs

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