• Precise Lapping & Grinding Corp.

    Company Description by ThomasNetHigh precision lapping specialists, miniature & subminiature. Surface grinding, flat lapping, double disc grinding, diamond polishing, ultrasonic cl

  • Eugenio's Sheet Metal

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of tooling to meet product specifications. Specializing in short run production up to 100,000 pieces & in most types of materials inclu

  • Richard's Machining Co., Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturing services. Capabilities include CNC milling, CNC turning, welding, surface grinding, and cylindrical grinding. Production runs r

  • Supersign, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturer of signs & awnings. Types of signs include ADA, electronic, display, LED, illuminated, neon & non-illuminated, vinyl yard, safet

  • South Bend Metal Products Co., Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom finishing services for automotive, appliance, electronic and medical. Capabilities include marking, rolling and coining dies, laser marking,

  • St. Cloud Engraving

    Company Description by ThomasNetPhotoengraving services on printing plates and dies for the dynamic graphic arts/printing industry. Pre-press services include graphic imaging and d

  • Engrave Your Gift

    Company Description by ThomasNetLaser engraving services. Capabilities include laser marking metal, glass, plastic, ceramic tile, leather, granite and stone, custom gun engraving,

  • Amitron Corp.

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturer of complete printed circuit boards. Types include aluminum, heavy copper, multilayer, single and double-sided, and surface mount

  • Moore, R.J., Hardwoods, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetDowel Pins, Rods, Turning, Kiln Drying

  • United Fire & Water Damage Restoration, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetFire and water damage restoration services for home and businesses. Services include mold remediation, structural drying, site investigation, cost e

  • Galaxy Transfer Systems, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetUnderground utility and construction contracting services. Services include underground power, telecommunication installation, network cable install

  • R. D. Bussard & Son

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of health care & laundry specialties, canvas or reinforced plastic covers, liners, curtains, bellows, filters, cart covers, instrument

  • Cametoid Technologies, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of aluminum ion vapor deposition. Thin film & antigallant lubricants.

  • Knape Industries Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetMetal and plastic finishing services for decorative and functional purposes. Capabilities include vacuum metallizing, conversion coating, painting,

  • Pro-MEC Engineering Services

    Company Description by ThomasNetEngineering services. Capabilities include mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, energy management, system integration, specialty coating

  • NanoMeld LLC

    Company Description by ThomasNetCoating services. Can coat various substrates up to 80 in. wide with nanofibers. Specializes in coating composites with styrene and PVA nanofibers.

  • West Valley Plating Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetMetal plating and finishing services. Capabilities include anodizing, passivation and chemical conversion coating, electroless nickel and composite

  • AutoTech Production Services, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetPowder coating services for industrial applications such as cathodic electrocoating. Parts with an envelope up to 18 in. x 42 in. x 6 in. can be coa

  • Global Advanced Technologies, LLC.

    Company Description by ThomasNetOfferscoating services for most parylene films including C, N, D, VT-4 (F), and AF4 (HT). Has developed coatings for a variety of market sectors ran

  • Tape Machining Corp.

    Company Description by ThomasNetSpecializing in CNC machining services. Capabilities include deburring, plating, anodizing, painting, pressure testing, powder coating and assembly.

  • EBAA Iron, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer Of Iron & Steel Castings

  • Unifuse LLC

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of LLDPE plastic products. Over 2000 standard molds in stock. Serving the shipping, material handling, food services, healthcare, OEM,

  • Rathburn Tool & Manufacturing

    Company Description by ThomasNetPrecision CNC production machining services of all quantities. Materials handled include aluminum, cast iron, steel, brass and stainless steel. Capa

  • Carrera Casting

    Company Description by ThomasNetJewelry castings solutions provided. Capabilities include gold, silver, platinum and palladium castings and 3D printing.

  • Crucible Metal Solutions

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom and serial production manufacturer offering foundry tooling, prototyping, casting and machining solution. Capabilities include the production

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