•         Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturer of rubber and metal equipment. Products include Double helical and herring bone gears, spurs, worms, molds, machined components, spiral bevel gears, tubing, adjusters and assemblies. Capabilities include investment castings, hot and cold forgings, rolled ring forgings, stamping, blanking, metal forming, and fabrication services. Materials handled include iron, aluminum, steel, and copper.

  • DF Precision Inc. Metal Forging

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturer of forgings. Capabilities include cold, warm and hot forgings and precision tooling for the automotive, hardware, farming machin

  • Oklahoma Forge, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetOpen die forging services and manufacturer of rings and sleeves. Rings and sleeves can reach a maximum weight of 6,200 lbs. with a minimum height of

  • Continental Forge Co.

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturer of aluminum forgings. Capabilities include drilling, painting, anodizing, CNC milling, boring and designing. Suitable for aerosp

  • Widejoint International Ltd.

    Company Description by ThomasNetContract manufacturer of machined castings and forgings. Manufacturing and secondary processes include heat treatment, CNC machining, shot blasting,

  • Clifford-Jacobs Forging Co.

    Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturer of steel forgings and machined parts for mining, gear, aerospace, energy, and defense industries. Materials handled include carb

  • Teledyne Imaging Sensors

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of imagers. Products include sensors and detectors, integrated circuits, electro-optical Silicones, micro lenses, imaging subsystems, i

  • Quad-City Dryer Works, LLC

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of rotary steam tube dryers, rotary direct fired dryers, rotary indirect/direct heated dryers, rotary water tube coolers & rotary air

  • Kavlico Position and Force Sensors

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of OEM and off-the-shelf pressure, position (LVDT & RVDT), force and other specialty sensors and transducers for the transportation (in

  • Watsco Components Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetRefrigeration & Air Conditioning System Components, Chemical Products, Refrigeration Recovery/Recycling Equipment

  • Warren/Sherer

    Company Description by ThomasNetRefrigerated Display Fixtures

  • Component Concepts

    Company Description by ThomasNetComponents, Materials, Equipment & Services To Battery Pack Manufacturers

  • Therm-O-Disc, Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetDesign & manufacturing temperature sensors & controls for the appliance, HVAC/R, automotive, electronic & commercial industries.

  • Baltimore Aircoil Co., Inc.

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer Of Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers, Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Storage Systems, Compressors, Air Chi

  • Lat-Lon, LLC

    Company Description by ThomasNetManufacturer of GPS tracking and monitoring equipment. Products such as solar tracking units, vehicle and equipment monitoring systems, impact, volt